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  • Lincolnshire Day - Lincoln Bailgate Lincolnshire History
    Lincolnshire Day

    Lincolnshire Day began in 2006 with a petition to formally recognise the Lincolnshire Rising, an rebellion that began in Yorkshire in October 1536 as a protest against Henry VIII...

  • lincolnshire-farming Lincolnshire History
    Lincolnshire’s Arable Farming

    Anyone who has been to or heard about Lincolnshire knows that it is an agricultural area. In fact, Lincolnshire produces one eighth of the UK’s food and processes 70% of its fish...

  • Lincoln Cathedral Things To Do
    Top 10 Things To Do In Lincoln Cathedral

    There is so much to see and do in Lincoln Cathedral, here are our highlights: Take one of the cathedral’s excellent guided tours that are included in the admission charge. You ca...