North Kesteven Christmas Present Trails

If you are looking for something different, unique and entertaining, then why not try out the North Kesteven Christmas present trails that run from the beginning of December to the 21st December.

The trails will take place in three different heritage venues that are in Sleaford and Cranwell, and you have to help your friends to find their lost presents:

  • Molly the Mill Mouse in Navigation House
  • Dora the Duck in Cogglesford Watermill
  • and Charlie the Crane in Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum

The Navigation House is based in Sleaford and is a Grade II listed canal company office that has interactive exhibits that show the history of travel and trade by canal. It is thought to be one of the only buildings of its kind left. 

Also in Sleaford, is Cogglesford Watermill which dates back to the Saxon Times and is a three storey building with a low breast shot water wheel and two sets of millstones. It is said to be the only Sheriff’s watermill still in operation.

Finally, we have Cranwell Aviation Heritage Museum that tells the story of RAF College Cranwell, which is seen as one of the most famous landmarks in RAF history. There are lots of interactive exhibits, as well as a flight simulator.

Each trail is 50p per person and includes a Christmas gift!

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