The Boston Rowing Marathon

*2018 Date TBC*

Location: Lincoln to Boston, along the River Witham.

Price: Free to watch or £15 per rowing seat.

The Boston Rowing Marathon takes place every third Sunday in September and is an exciting spectacle for participants and spectators alike. Simply watch the boats race along the river or even take part at £15 per rowing seat.

If you’re imagining a leisurely low down the river when you read this, think again! This time trial race takes place along an impressive distance of 31 miles of the River Witham, albeit downstream, from Lincoln to Boston. This is even a popular cycling route for locals, if you’d prefer to stay out of the water.

This annual event is organised by Boston Rowing Club, and all boat classes can take part, including Masters, Open, Junior, Women’s, Mixed and Adaptive. Come and see the different boat clubs try their utmost to be crowned this year’s champion.

If you enjoy the rush of the start line, be sure to be watching at the location of Lincoln Rowing Club, at Stamp End Lock, Waterside South, Lincoln as the competitors set off. On the other hand, the race finishes in Boston if you prefer the suspense and excitement of the finish line.

Even if you are not a rower yourself, come and support the teams as they battle it out along the river. For more information contact or visit

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