Holidays in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is a fantastic place to have a break, with it’s history, culture and great countryside. There’s plenty to do with your friends, family or for yourself if you’re looking to get away from a busy or stressful lifestyle.

Lincolnshire has miles of beautiful coastline along the North Sea. Unspoilt beaches line much of the county’s coast line with Skegness, Mablethorpe and Cleethorpes being the popular tourist resorts. These are traditional English seaside towns that have stood well through the years.

The Lincolnshire Wolds is believed to have been populated since the primeval period. The landscape was influenced considerably by ancient and contemporary agricultural practices. The Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service works closely with local landlord, farmers, business organizations, parish councils and Wolds residents to improve and protect the terrain.

Lincolnshire also boasts some fantastic towns, with the City of Lincoln right in the heart of the county.The county has a wide range of local markets, weekend festivals and fates as well as fantastic annual events such as the SO Festival in Skegness, the Lincolnshire Show in Lincoln and the Lincoln Christmas Market.

So before you book your trip, why not have a read through the following articles to help get a good feel for the county.  We’ve put together the following articles that can help you find the perfect place to stay;

Places to Stay

Types of Stay