Lincolnshire Sausage Recipe

One of Lincolnshire’s most famous exports is also one of its tastiest – Lincolnshire Sausages!

These delicious sausages are popular not only in their home county, but also across the nation as food-lovers can’t get enough of that chunky texture and mouth-watering flavours.

Lincolnshire Sausage Recipe


Lincolnshire Sausages are flavoured with the herb sage and it is the sage that gives the Lincolnshire Sausage its distinctive taste.

Sage was used in the original Lincolnshire Sausage recipes for two reasons:

1. There has always been a plentiful supply of sage in Lincolnshire.

Originating in the Mediterranean region, sage dislikes prolonged exposure to wet conditions.

As Lincolnshire has one of the lowest annual rainfall levels in the UK, sage has always thrived in Lincolnshire soil.

2. Sage is a good meat preservative.

It is rich in the naturally occurring antioxidant phenoxyethanol, and has been used as a meat preservative since Roman times.

Indeed, the herb sage may well have been introduced into Lincolnshire by the Romans.


Lincolnshire Sausages are unique in that they contain coarsely ground pork (other types of sausage use minced pork). The mincing holes that are used to produce pork for traditional Lincolnshire Sausages have to be no less than 4.5mm in diameter.

This coarsely ground pork gives the Lincolnshire Sausage its distinctive, chunky texture. During the mixing process of sausage production, ice or water is often used to reduce the core temperature of the sausage-meat. This in turn allows the Lincolnshire Sausage to retain its distinctive texture when cooked.

Owing to this coarse texture and high meat content, it is recommended that Lincolnshire Sausages are cooked slowly in the oven, rather than quickly on the hob.

Traditional Lincolnshire Sausage Ingredients

Traditional Lincolnshire Sausages contain just 6 ingredients:

  • Coarsely ground Lincolnshire pork (minimum70%)
  • Breadcrumbs or rusk
  • Sage
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Natural casings (sausage skins)

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