Lincolnshire Travel

There are lots of different ways to travel around Lincolnshire; by bike, boat or on foot.

There is also a great rail network so you can get where you need to go in plenty of time, leaving you free to get on with your activities!

By Train

One of the best ways to travel around Lincolnshire is by train. Almost all cities and towns have stations and it’s a great way to see more of the beautiful countryside.

For enthusiasts, some stations have also been known to play host to a number of famous trains, including the Flying Scotsman.

The recently refurbished Lincoln train station now boasts a larger car park, easy drop-off-and-pick-up areas and an on-site café for refreshments.

Walks and Cycling


Image by Pixabay

Often done together as part of your holiday, the county has a lot to offer both cyclists and walkers.

Every year, Lincolnshire hosts the Lincolnshire Walking Festival, and many of the towns and cities have designated cycling routes in place.

You can also hire a bike at one of the various stations dotted around some of the county’s cities. 

By Boat

Due to its large open landscapes and agricultural industry, Lincolnshire has a lot of both natural waterways and man-made canals.

This makes it the ideal location for a boating holiday!

Furthermore, if you prefer something a little livelier, you can cast off from many of Lincolnshire’s coastal towns for a spot of ocean sailing.


If walking and pubs are two of your favourite things, this book could come in very handy: