Lincolnshire Market Towns

From Alford, Horncastle and Louth in the glorious Lincolnshire Wolds, to Stamford and Market Deeping in the south, Lincolnshire’s market towns are many and varied.

Being an agricultural county supplying over 40% of the country’s fresh vegetables, Lincolnshire’s market towns can boast thriving markets selling the freshest of produce.

Look out for the famous Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, Lincolnshire Sausage and Lincolnshire Plumbread!


Alford is a delightful market town located at the edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds (a Designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) and just over 10 miles from the Lincolnshire coast.

Famous landmarks include Alford Manor House -the largest thatched manor house in England and now owned by English Heritage – and Alford Windmill, one of the country’s last surviving 5-sail windmills.

Alford Market     Alford Craft
Type: General    Type:  Craft
When: Tuesday & Friday    When:  Tuesday / Friday
Where: Market Place    Where:  Corn Exchange / Market Place
Notes:      Notes: Only available during Summer months



Boston is a small market town and inland port with a fascinating history, including links to Pilgrim Fathers who founded America.

The parish church of St Botolph’s, more commonly known as the ‘Boston Stump’, has one of the country’s tallest towers. At over 272 ft/83 m high, The Boston Stump has fantastic views across the county (weather permitting!) – you can even see as far as Lincoln Cathedral on a clear day.

Boston Market     Boston Farmers
Type: General    Type:  General
When: Wednesday & Saturday    When:  3rd Wednesday of month
Where: Market Place    Where:  Wide Bargate



Bourne is an historic market town in southern Lincolnshire, renown for its waterways and woodlands. Nearby Bourne Woods (located at the western edge of the town)  has 400 acres of glorious woodland  – just perfect for exploring on foot or by bike.

The word ‘Bourne’ is Anglo-Saxon for stream – indeed, the town of Bourne is famous for the purity of its drinking water, got from underground natural springs.

Bourne Market  
Type: General
When: Thursday
Where: Car park behind Corn Exchange building



Caistor is a pretty Georgian/Victorian market town at edge of Lincolnshire Wolds and on the Viking Way. With 56 Grade II Listed buildings, 2 Grade I Listed buildings and 2 medieval fishponds (situated to the north of Navigation Lane), Caistor is an architectural dream.

Caistor has a vibrant Arts and Heritage Centre at Plough Hill.

Caistor Market  
Type: General
When: Saturday
Where: Market Place



Gainsborough is a thriving market town in the east of the county. The impressive Gainsborough Old Hall in the town centre is one of England’s best preserved medieval manor houses.

Marshall’s Yard in Gainsborough is a very popular shopping centre and has one of the country’s largest Laura Ashley stores located in it.

    Gainsborough Farmers
Type: General   Type: General
When: Tuesday & Saturday   When: 2nd Saturday of month
Where: Market Place   Where: Marshall’s Yard



Grantham is a prosperous market town in South Lincolnshire. The parish church of St Wulframs has the tallest medieval church spire in England.

Grantham is the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton and Margaret Thatcher. Woolsthorpe Manor (home of sir Isaac Newton), Belvoir Castle and Easton Walled Gardens are nearby.

Grantham Market     Grantham Farmers
Type: General   Type: General
When: Saturday   When: 2nd Saturday of month
Where: Wide Westgate, Narrow Westgate, Market Place   Where: Welby Street (just off Wide Westgate)



Horncastle is a quaint market town in the Lincolnshire Wolds  famous for its many antique shops – with over 30 of them dotted about the town centre, it is a haven for antique lovers and bargain hunters.

In Roman times, Horncastle was called Banovallum, meaning Wall on the River Bain. Parts of the Roman wall are still to be found in the town – indeed the best preserved part can be found in the town’s library, where the wall forms part of a major display.

Horncastle Market     Horncastle Farmers
Type: General   Type: General
When: Thursday & Saturday   When: 2nd Thursday of month
Where: Market Place   Where: Market Place



Louth is a lovely Georgian market town with a fantastic mix of traditional shops including: butchers, grocers, cheese, tailor, and cobbler. It is known as the ‘Capital of The Wolds’ and a renown ‘foodie destination’, often featuring in national newspapers.

Located in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds, and just a 20 minute drive to the coast, it is little wonder that Louth has been voted one of the best market towns in which to live.

Louth Market     Louth Farmers
Type: General   Type: General
When: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday   When: 2nd Friday & 4th Wednesday of month
Where: Market Place   Where: Market Place


Market Deeping

Market Deeping is a pretty Georgian market town on the Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire border. This tiny town has a market dating back to the 13th century, from which it gets its name. The word Deeping refers to group of settlements clustered round the River Welland.

Market Deeping Market  
Type: General
When: Wednesday
Where: Market Place



Sleaford is a rural market town on the banks of the River Slea in the heart of the Lincolnshire Fens. For hundreds of years, agriculture has been the dominant force in the town – and this still holds true today.

Sleaford Market     Sleaford Farmers
Type: General   Type: General
When: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday   When: 1st Saturday of month
Where: Market Place   Where: Market Place



Stamford is a beautiful stone-built market town in South Lincolnshire, and was described by Sir Walter Scott (author of Ivanhoe) as ‘the finest stone town in England’.

Both the BBC’s adaptation of Middlemarch and the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice were filmed here. Burghley House is less than a 5 minute drive away.

Stamford Market     Stamford Farmers
Type: Street Market   Type: General
When: Friday   When: Every 2nd Saturday
Where: Broad Street   Where: High Street